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London Prodution, The best music of James Bond

The Best Music of James Bond

The James Bond soundtracks! Always magnificent, the film soundtracks have been performed by major recording artists: Paul McCartney, Adele, Sheena Easton, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Nancy Sinatra, Tina Turner, Duran Duran, Billie Eilish, Madonna…!

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Pink Floyd, the greatest tribute ever

Pink Floyd

A Fantastic Rock-Symphonic Experience
Since its creation in 1965, over 50 years ago, this legendary group has sold over 360 million albums worldwide!

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GOLDSYMPHONIE, the ultimate Jean Jacques Goldman COVER


Rappelez-vous ! Quand la musique est bonne, Comme toi, Elle a fait un bébé toute seule, Encore un matin, Envole-moi, Il suffira d’un signe, Je commence demain, Je marche seul, Je te donne, La vie par procuration, Là-bas, Né en 17 à Leidenstadt, Puisque tu pars, Là-bas, et bien d’autres !

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