Imagine four magnificent young people – a new generation – brimming with talent, good looks and energy. Playing all the hits from this legendary group in a completely new, vibrant and entertaining show!

Kristina, Ivanna, Dirk and Serge met this winter. Kristina and Ivanna were fleeing war in their home country, Dirk and Serge were performing in a show in Brussels. From getting along, to making friends to creating this slightly crazy project! Kristina and Ivanna have already enjoyed a fabulous career as variety singers and Dirk and Serge, are well established as talented singers and musicians who play numerous instruments.

On stage, they are supported by 15 musicians from the “Super Trouper Concert Orchestra” and the “Dancing Queen Chorus Singers”. You’re sure to be blown away by their renditions of “Waterloo”, “Dancing Queen”, “Fernando”, “Mamma Mia” and all the other hits!

And in an original way, you will be invited to share these moments with them!

Wearing the clothes, taking on the now immutable attitudes of the group, they will evolve towards more contemporary creations…. A completely natural, vibrant, resolutely young and modern show, like Abba throughout their career!

Two hours of a truly breathtaking show!

All the greatest Hits !

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Le Forum - Liège

Sunday 18/9/22

Rockhal - Luxembourg

Saturday 24/9/22

Palais 12 - Brussels

Sunday 25/9/22

Aula Magna - LLN

Sunday 9/10/22

Versluys Dôme - Oostende

Sunday 22/10/22

La Scène - Malmedy

Sunday 30/10/22

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