Beauty And The Beast

In magical decors, a wonderful fairy tale, sung and danced by 30 artists of the National Opera of Ukraine  

Do you remember how Josette Day, Léa Seydoux and Emma Watson lend their beauty to this mythical heroine while Jean Marais, Vincent Cassel and Dan Stevens were beasts, repulsing and attractive at the same time?

This moving story will be presented this winter in the major Belgian cities with luscious decors and a great number of special effects. You will be on top of the action through 30 dancers and comedians.

During the whole performance, a touching and enchanting Voice will guide you through the story and will make you feel the magic, see the fear in Beauty’s eyes and sympathise with the emotions and the pain of the Beast.

This Voice, a new character, invented especially for this stunning spectacle will talk directly to you, to the little ones as well as to the adults!

… en there is no doubt about it that the entrance of Beauty, whose spectacular make up is a true work of art, will stay engraved into the memory of everyone !

Beauty and the Beast, A magical story, in fairytale decors, told and danced by 20 artists and a big orchestra of 30 musicians

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Aula Magna - LLN

Saturday 16/11/19

Cirque Royal – Brussels

Wednesday 27/11/2019

Forum – Liège

Sunday 01/12/2019

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