Une soirée avec « Grand Jacques »

‘‘Brel symphonique’’

« One day, you make a choice that sets the course of everything in life, and that might make things more or less crazy, or more or less wise.»
Jacques Brel.

Who hasn’t seen Jacques Brel on stage, either in person or on the small screen, and not marvelled at what a “Great Performer” he is…

And this almost animal presence, we will find at this symphonic concert – in the form of melodies written by the Great Jacques himself and his composers – through the voice, movement and form of the magnificent Filip Jordens.

“Through his talent, his voice, and his presence, with the involvement of his musicians Filip Jordens invites us to rediscover the Great Jacques. It’s the power, force, rage, irony and tenderness of Brel which suddenly erupts again. Thanks to the outstanding performance by Filip Jordens, we can see just how relevant the works of Brel still are today, as well as how unique and contemporary they are. Brel the poet, Brel the visionary, Brel the musician, Brel the actor, Brel the satirist, Brel so profoundly human. In short, a master. A classic, presented by the inspired, jaw-dropping Filip Jordens”

Philippe Claudel, writer and filmmaker.

 “The magic permeates from the very first song, Brel emotion aplenty”

With fifty musicians from the Euro Symphonique Orchestra
The show takes place in the open air, all the seats are installed at ground level or grandstand. The seating is unallocated but structured into two categories – Golden and Premiere, depending on the view over the show. All seats offer an unobstructed view of the stage. In the event of very bad weather, the show may be postponed: our Facebook page will provide all the necessary information where applicable.

This show is organized by Classicall Productions


Les Bourgeois
La Fanette
Au suivant
Ces Gens-là
Knokke-le-Zoute Tango
La Quête
Les Flamandes
Le Plat Pays
Une Ile
Les Vieux
Les Bonbons
Les Marquises
Voir un ami pleurer
La Valse à Mille Temps

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Abbaye - Villers-la-ville

Sunday 18/06/23

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