What else can be written about Carmen? It has all been said before.
Carmen, it’s fire, it’s blood, it’s passion, the Spain of our dreams.

Relying on exceptional natural scenery, the 110 artists, choir members, dancers, musicians and singers, give their talent, enthusiasm and lyricism free rein, to put on a legendary Carmen production.

The majestic nature of the location, the walls steeped in history, and hundred-year-old trees will be the silent yet significant actors bringing a unique character to this extraordinary piece.

The choir of the Opera of Ukraine, the “Grand Symphonique”, unites the best musicians representing the two worlds, dancers, soloists, and riders who give the best of themselves in this exceptional production!

Carmen is sure to fiendishly seduce everyone as always, but the entrance of the Toreador and his entourage all in their shiny costumes is truly unforgettable. A tremendous moment.

With the exceptional participation of Ms. Ramona Zaharia, who held the role in the production at the Metropolitan Opera, New York.

The performance takes place in the open air, with seating on the ground or gallery. You are free to select your seating location yourselves, but the area is structured into three categories, Gold, First and Second, according to the view over the performance. In the event of very bad weather, the performance will be rescheduled: our Facebook page will provide necessary information should this be the case.

This show is produced and organized by GRAND OPERA PRODUCTIONS, with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government via Belga Films Fund.

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Abbaye - Villers-la-ville

Saturday 19/06/21 – 21.00
Postponed to
Friday16/06/22 – 21.00

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