In the framework of the festival “Villers Symphonique”

What is there left to say about Carmen ? Everything has been said.

But about the Carmen at the Abbey of Villers-la Ville there is still a lot to tell.
In an astonishing authentic, dantesque decor 110 artists, chorists, dancers, musicians and soloists will let their talent run free and their enthusiasm and lyrical skills will guarantee a legendary Carmen.

The majestic character of the venue, the walls that breathe history, the thousand-year-old stones and hundred-year-old trees are the quiet but very important mere extras that will contribute to the unique character of this exceptional oeuvre.

The choir of the Opera of Ukraine, the “Grand Symphonique”, a mix of the best musicians of the two worlds, dancers, soloists and riders will give the best of themselves for this exceptional performance!

Of course, Carmen will diabolically seduce the audience as ever but the cavalry entry of the toreador and his suite in their shining costumes will perhaps make an even bigger impact.
A truly great moment !

With the exceptional participation of Madame Ramona Zaharia,  who performed the role in the last production of the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

Configuration : limited seats
This show is scheduled on Friday June 17th 2022 at 21.00

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Abbaye - Villers-la-ville

Saturday 19/06/21 – 21.00
Postponed to
Friday16/06/22 – 21.00

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