The Ultimate Carmina Burana

in the Abbaye of Villers-la-Ville

Could there be a more beautiful location for the performance of Carmina Burana than the ruins of the abbey of Villers? The mystique and beauty of the composition of Carl Orff, based upon 24 poems of a medieval manuscript with the same name and the historical ambience of the abbey will blend seamlessly together.

Carmina Burana! The name literally means “Songs of the Beuern” with reference to the convent of Benediktbeuern where these manuscripts were discovered.

Carmina, one of the most popular pieces of the repertoire is generally considered as the perfect symbiosis between orchestra and big chorus. Carl Orff succeeds in transcending the static aspect by creating the necessary action on stage. Interpretations vary between classic performances and exuberant versions like the one of the Spanish company “Fura del Baus” ! The challenge is huge!

Today the abbey of Villers is mainly known for its fantastic summer events but its history goes back a long way.

Founded in 1146, it takes another 100 years before the, by that time gothic abbey reaches its spiritual and worldly apogee. In this prosperous period the 400 monks of the community own over 10.000 hectares of land up to Antwerp.

The 18thcentury heralds the beginning of a second “golden age” that ends abruptly with the French revolution and the sale of the properties to a building materials salesman…At the dawn of the 21stcentury the abbey rises slowly from its ashes to become a famous place of cultural encounter.

The 60 musicians of Classicall Concert Orchestra, the 50 exceptional Ukrainian chorus singers of Cxid Opera, the international soloists and dancers under the direction of the French choreographer Johan Nuss lend their talent to a spectacular performance and breathtaking show. More than 100 artists contribute to the success of this adventure.

Their performance will be supported by modern visual techniques.

In the first part Mrs. Bogdana Pivnenko, also called “the Ukrainian Paganini”, will perform The Violin Concerto in D major OP. 35 of Tchaikovsky.

Cast :
First part : Mrs Bogdana Pivnenko, violin (Kiev)
Orchestra : La Passione (Belgium)
Chorus of CXID OPERA
Soloists and ballet : cast in progress
Director and choreographer : Johan Nuss (France)

The ultimate Carmina Burana, in the abbey of Villers-La-Ville, The lighting, the orchestra, the choir, the soloist, the ballet

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Abbaye of Villers-la-Ville

Thursday 13/06/2019

Abbaye of Villers-la-Ville

Friday 14/06/2019

Abbaye of Villers-la-Ville

Saturday 15/06/2019

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