The Greatest Tribute Ever

More than a concert, a fascinating show!

Certainly the greatest tribute concert ever ! Original scores, 80 musicians, 40 chorus-singers, cowboys, gangsters, the man with the harmonica and all the others! 

A tribute concert to Ennio Morricone, the discovery of complete contrasting worlds…. A confrontation between movie classics with various ambiances, from great romantic scenes to bloody clashes.

The Far West meets the soulful sound of Italy, fearless New York gangsters meet cowboys from the prairie, the Godfather encounters a taxi driver. And the magic of cinema meets the rich sound of a first-class symphony orchestra and a fantastic choir.

This concert presents a selection of movie classics,  from the emblematic spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone to modern mafia masterpieces by Francis Coppola and the cult movies of Quentin Tarantino.

On the program : «The Big Gundown», «Inglourious Basterds», « For a fistful of dollars», «The hateful eight», «Once upon a time in the west», «The Untouchables», « The good, the bad and the ugly», «One upon a time in America» and «Le Clan des Siciliens», by Ennio Morricone ; «Taxi Driver», but also «Kill Bill» by Sonny Bono and to make it complete,  «The Godfather» by Nino Rota.

All the greatest Hits !

Once upon a time in the west
For a few dollars more
The good, the bad and the Ugly
The Mission
A fistful of dollars
The sicilian clan
Cinema Paradisio
The intouchables
Once upon a time in America


Inglorious basterds
The Godfather
Taxi Driver
The big gundown
Kill Bill

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Aula Magna – LLN

Saturday 23/04/22

Palais 12 - Brussels

Sunday 24/04/22

Stadsschouwburg - Antwerpe

Tuesday 26/04/22

Capitole - Gent

Wednesday 27/04/22

Country Hall - Liège

Friday 29/04/22

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