The Music Of Hans Zimmer & John Williams

The beste music from movies in concert !

The best film music in concert!

Star Wars, E.T, Harry Potter, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, The Da Vinci Code, Superman, Batman, Raiders of the Lost Ark…… Since fifteen years, Hans Zimmer and John Williams have written the very best film soundtracks in the business.

John Williams vs Hans Zimmer! is the first concert dedicated to these two giants of contemporary music.

After its triumph at the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall of London (4 performances sold out) John Williams vs Hans Zimmer: the concert finally arrives in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg  !

Anthony Inglis, the charismatic conductor of the London Concert Orchestra will be accompanied by the “Grand Symphonique” and its 75 musicians.

And totally exclusive and larger than live, the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, E.T, Batman, the Pirates of the Caribbean and other Gladiators will take the audience by storm.

More than just a concert, it is a passionate adventure that will sweep you off your feet!

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Scène Intermills - Malmedy

Saturday 20/06/20 – 20.00
Postponed to
Saturday 14/11/20 – 20.00
Postponed to
Saturday 25/09/21 – 20.00

Ethias Theater - Hasselt

Sunday 21/06/20 -16.00
Postponed to
Sunday 15/11/20 – 16.00
Postponed to
Sunday 21/03/21 – 16.00

Arena - Genève

Tuesday 30/03/21

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