The music of John Williams

40 years of fabulous scores films

After the incredible success at the Royal Albert Hall in London, it is Belgium’s turn to be swept away by the world of John Williams !

During an impressive career of 30 years, the American composer created the most memorable film music of his time.

Not to mention his legendary collaboration with Steven Spielberg.

To name just a few :ET, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Stars Wars, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, Superman, Schindler’s list, Hook, Close Encounters…

These film melodies are engraved in the public memory. They are part of our lives, they move us deeply time after time !

Led by the English conductor Anthony Inglis (London Symphony Orchestra), the 72 musicians of the big symphonic orchestra will take you on an incredible music adventure with astonishing special effects!

A show to enjoy thoroughly during two whole hours !  Unforgettable !

The music of John Williams, 40 years of fabulous films scores, original London production

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Cirque Royal - Brussels

Saturday 02/02/2019

Ethias Theater - Hasselt

Sunday 15/09/2019

Capitole - Gent

Saturday 09/02/2019

Stadsschouwburg - Antwerp

Sunday 10/02/2019

Country Hall - Liège

Saturday 14/09/2019

Aula Magna - Louvain-LN

Saturday 30/03/2019

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