Led Zeppelin


Imagine three veritable London “Rock Stars” playing, alongside a serious English rock band and a symphonic orchestra, all the hits by Led Zeppelin!  Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Rock’n Roll, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven and many more!

Led Zeppelin, with its unparalleled career, has sold over fifty million albums and awe-inspiring shows worldwide. And their timeless melodies are still so relevant today.

Our show, Led Zeppelin Symphonic, is not just a cover show, it’s a new interpretation of the hits of this now legendary group, by extraordinary artists in their own right!

Under the direction of Richard Sidwell, Jesse Smith, Mollie Marriott and Peter Eldridge will put on a veritable breathtaking performance, that has already played to sell-out audiences at the London Palladium and Grand Rex in Paris. Their international tour starts in September, with over one hundred dates set for the season!

Forty musicians, an impressive light show, timeless tunes, the Led Zeppelin spirit will be soaring across Belgium on 1 and 2 October 2022.

Led Zeppelin Symphonic? Much more than a concert, a mind-blowing performance!

All the greatest Hits !

coming soon

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Palais 12 - Brussels

Saturday 01/10/22

Stadsschouwburg - Antwerpe

Sunday 02/10/22

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