Madame Butterfly

Or the enchantment of a timeless opera and a delightful Japanese garden.

This magnificent tragedy, presented for the first time at La Scala on 17 February 1904 is based on a real event.

Between 1892 and 1894 in Nagasaki, a  young girl from a teahouse , called Chō-san, or Miss Butterfly, was seduced by an American officer, William B. Franklin, from the USS Lancaster

Impressed by the stage version of this story, Puccini, while in London, immediately wanted to acquire the rights to it.

The work by the Italian composer was quickly a triumphant success and since 1904, it has been performed in Buenos Aires–Montevideo, Alexandria–Cairo, London, Budapest, Washington–New York, Barcelona and Paris, this latest production in French.

This “Landmark” in the history of the opera will be interpreted in an exceptional way in March 2023.

Inspired by the London production at the Royal Albert Hall, set in an exceptional Japanese garden of two hundred square metres, where ponds, waterfalls, bridges and walkways will frame the traditional characteristic pagoda, this magnificent tale – a tragedy in reality – will play out before your eyes.

With a complete and animated setting, from the servants of the powerful to the humble fishermen, you will be fully immersed in another world. And you will grow so fond of the beautiful, sweet Cio-Cio-Son, while you will surely loathe the handsome lieutenant Pinkerton.

The staging is by Johan Nus, and production by Patrick Leveaux, who previously brought us the spectacular “Swan Lake on Water”, and costumes by Sasha Lappin. The 48 musicians of the Eurosymphonic Orchestra will support the show with Dmytro Morozov as conductor, from the National Opera of Ukraine. The choir will also come from the National Opera, while the soloists, the casting for which is in progress, will come from across the world.

The lead role will be held by the marvellous Kseniya Bakhritdinova, whose portrait already adorns the posters for the show.

What a delight!

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Palais 12 - Brussels

Samedi 11/03/23

Palais 12 - Brussels

Sunday 12/03/23

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