The Requiem of Mozart and the 9th Symphony of Beethoven

Basilica of Koekelberg

The life of Maria Callas is a classic example of a Greek tragedy.

An extraordinary talented singer with unbelievable persistence and yet, so vulnerable at the same time….

40 musicians, 50 chorists and 4 sopranos perform the greatest melodies of the diva while images of her exceptional career are projected in the background.

A magical moment !


Untill February 28th you can benefit from our special offer “Basilica Classics”, the new classical festival in the Basilica of Koekelberg.

The Requiem of Mozart 18/06/2019), Maria Callas (19/06/2019),The Great Opera Choruses of Verdi (20/06/2019)

2 booked spectacles, the third for € 6

Maria Callas, a voice for eternity, basilic of Koekelberg

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Basilica of Koekelberg - Brussels

Wednesday 19/11/2019

Basilica of Koekelberg - Brussels

Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 – 2019

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