And the mouse king

The ideal family show !

A ballet of the « Grand Opera of Ukraine »

 Everyone knows the story of Clara who shrinks when the evening falls while the toys miraculously come to life …

A enchanting story for more than one hundred years !

The Nutcracker is a touching fairy tale about the transition from childhood to adolescence. Like the Swanlake, it is about the immortal battle between love and evil.

The story is based upon the version of Alexandre Dumas « The Tales of Hoffmann » and got the title « The Nutcracker and the Mouse King » or « The Story of a Nutcracker ».

It is all about a little German girl called Clara Stahlbaum.

At night, Clara wakes up and sneaks into the parlor to check on her nutcracker. At that moment, the clock strikes midnight and all of the sudden she is surrounded by lots of mice. She tries to escape but the mice encircle her completely. And then, Clara herself shrinks to the size of a little mouse…

The ballet was performed for the first time in the Mariinsky Theater of Saint Petersburg om December 18th 1892 and the roles were for two children, students of the Imperial Ballet of Saint Petersburg : Stanislava Belinskaya and Vissili Stoukolkine.

Nutcracker and the mouse king

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