The unique Symphonic Celebration

You enjoyed the film ? Then you will adore the concert ! 

Close your eyes, you hear 35 rock musicians, the voice of Freddie, choir singers on fire… Open your eyes and see : Michael Kluch is Freddie Mercury !

Same physique, same voice, same talent…

Not just a concert but a tribute, a celebration…Guitars, drums, keyboard but also violins, cellos and brass to revive this exceptional oeuvre, from rock to opera .

Michael Kluch has the looks and the attitude of Freddie, the star of the film “Bohemian Rapsody”, a song that Kluch and an astonishing choir interpret majestically !

For the famous special effects of this mythical group we  pull out all the stops : smoke, fog, pyrotechnics for true visual and musical fireworks !

You will dance and sing on the the music of We Will Rock You, The Show Must Go On, Radio Ga Ga, Bohemian Rapsody, I Want it All, A Kind of Magic, Another One Bites the Dust, Killer Queen, Bicycle Race, Barcelona -in duet- and all the others !

A two hours show with all the hits ! Just….Fantastic !

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Scène Intermills – Malmedy

Friday 25/06/21 – 20.00
Postponed to
Sunday 26/09/21 – 20.00

Forum - Liège

Tuesday 16/03/2021 – 20.00
Potponed to
Tuesday 28/09/21 – 20.00

Aula Magna - LLN

Friday 19/03/2021 – 20.00
Postponed to
Thursday 30/09/2021 – 20.00

Aula Magna - LLN

Saturday 19/09/20 – 20.00
Postponed to
Friday 01/10/21 – 20.00

Palais 12 – Brussels

Thursday 18/03/2021 – 20.00
Postponed to
Sunday 03/10/21 – 20.00

Ethias Theater - Hasselt

Sunday 14/03/21 – 20.00
Postponed to
Sunday 01/05/22 -20.00

Stadsschouwburg - Antwerp

Thuesday 26/04/22

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