The ultimate Choir concert !

CHORUS QUEEN… the ultimate Chorus concert!

After its triumph in April in Lisbon and Porto, last June at the Villers-la-Ville Symphonic Festival, and before its German tour, discover CHORUS QUEEN, the most incredible show dedicated to Queen!

100 spirited choristers, incredible soloists, 30 electrifying musicians, more than just a concert, more than just a cover, a true spectacle dedicated to one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

CHORUS QUEEN is the new and fantastic tribute to Freddie Mercury and QUEEN.

A grand event!

From “Barcelona” to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” from “The Great Pretender” to “The Show Must Go On”… Experience an exceptional evening!

“THE ROCK-SYMPHONIC CHORUS” Coordination: Aurélie Castin

Musical and orchestral direction: Cristiano Silva Soloists: Stefanie Vondenhoff, Nuno Resende Band: Mercury Falls Band (Portugal)

Orchestra: The Magic Strings and friends (Dutch)

This show is organized by Classicall Productions

One Vision
Tie Your mother Down
Under Pressure
I Was Born To Love You
Is This the World We Created
Love Of My Life
You Take My Breath Away
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Who wants to live forever
I want it all
Save Me
The Great Pretender
Show Must Go On


Radio Ga Ga
Its a Kind Of Magic
Friends Will Be Friends
We Will Rock You
Don’t Stop Me Now
Play the Game
Somebody to love
We Are The Champions
Bis: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Le Forum - Liège

Saturday 13/01/24

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