Swan Lake on Water

WORLD TOUR 2022-2025

Some works are timeless. Often, they are the product of a combination of multiple talents.

The great classical ballets are a perfect example of this. Music, dance, décor, costumes, lighting all come together in harmony.

And among those great works, “Swan Lake” is probably the most consummate example, and certainly the most universal.

The music of Tchaikovsky, the choreography of Petipa have stood the test of time. Only the great Nureyev allowed himself, brilliantly, to modernise a few steps from it. The other elements have hardly changed. Respectively as producer and choreographer, after having put on the original work numerous times and created many other ballets, we have dreamed of bringing, in the most modest way, a contemporary dimension to this centrepiece of the repertoire.

Very naturally, the idea then came to us to place our divine swans on water.

To let our imagination run wild by creating décors essentially made up of computer-generated images. To dress our artists in a more contemporary fashion. To modernise certain steps.

And this is how “Swan Lake on Water” was born, marrying tradition with modernity. We hope that alongside the original, it will become a new classic.

However, beyond all the back story, this “Swan Lake”, regardless of its interpretation, is first and foremost a magnificent love story. It is the battle between good and evil, between the forces of light and dark. It’s the point at which dreams and reality meet.

We hope it will make you dream.

Patrick Leveaux, Initiator and producer,
Johan Nus, choreographer and artistic director

This show is produced and organized by Grand Opéra.

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Tokyo Forum - Japon

Thursday 10 August 2023, 20.00
Friday 11 August 2023, 15.00
Friday 11 August 2023, 20.00
Saturday 12 August 2023, 15.00
Saturday 12 August 2023, 20.00
Sunday 13 August 2023, 15.00

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