Swan Lake on water

WORLD TOUR 2020-2021

It took two years of research and multiple negotiations to get the approval of the prestigious society of the Operas of East-Ukraine, member of Opera Europa to launch the first version of “Swan Lake on the Water”.

It was far from evident to convince a classic corps de ballet to engage in a total different and innovative project . The soloists as well were eventually hard to persuade as they had to dance on water for the very first time with all the physical risks it would bring.

But our efforts paid off and the thus formed team is undoubtedly amoung the best in the world.

Basins, fountains, water wall and projections will turn this great classic into a delicately modernised version where spectacular acts and intimate moments will merge together perfectly without however losing any of its strong qualities.

Due to the high requirements of the infrastructure it is impossible to perform this show in a classic theater. The projections require a 10m deep space behind the scene; the 12.000 liters (12 tons!!) of heated water of 40 degrees require a huge technical installation. For this reason, the show can only be held in “arena type” venues without losing sight of the optimal visibility for every spectator.

After Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Lebanon the world tour will come to Belgium in November 2022, to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in December, North and South America in Spring 2023 followed by Japan, Korea and the Philippines to come back  to Europe in Spain and Portugal to finally end the 2023 tour in Paris !

A stunning ballet spectacle!

Swan Lake on the water

Original idea and production : Patrick Leveaux for Classicall Productions
Choreography : Johan Nus, assisted by Sabrina Giordano
Ballet of the Great Opera of Ukraine, city of Kharkov, conducted by Antonina Radevskaya
Digital images : Harold Simon
Technical equipments : Euromusique led by Jonathan Minette
Water features : Stage One
International touring : City Lights UK

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Rockhal - Luxembourg

Friday 10/09/21 – 20.00
Postponed to
Sunday 13/11/22 – 20.00

Lotto Arena - Antwerp

Wednesday 17/11/21 – 20.00
Postponed to
Vendredi 25/11/22 – 20.00

Palais 12 - Brussels

Saturday 20/11/21 – 20.00
Postponed to
Sunday 27/11/22 – 18.00

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