The Little Prince

A fabulous fairytale ballet

This wonderful show is dedicated to all those grown-ups who were once children – even if they don’t all remember those times now –  as well as to children, of course…

“Le Petit Prince”, a poetic and philosophical tale, simply written and deliciously illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was published in New York in 1943 (Europe was at war). Since then, it has become the second best-selling book in the world!


With a full range of adaptations in the form of operas, musicals, cartoons and animated series to films, theatre plays, and even a theme park at the Futuroscope in Poitiers and a board game, “Le Petit Prince” continues to enchant the whole world.

Offering a symbolic view of life, each of the encounters experienced by the Petit Prince, who came down to earth from the asteroid B 612, can be looked upon as an allegory.

So you will see before you, in their original costumes, the king of an imaginary empire, a vain man, a drunkard, a businessman, the lamplighter, the geographer, and so on. Characters who leave the little prince – candid, fragile and looking for friends – perplexed about lots of things.

You will hear about volcanoes and baobabs, rose(s) and love, solitude, the echo from the mountains, a perspicacious fox, an enigmatic snake and the absurdity of life on earth, and you will learn about the depth of love.

Taking on this challenge, thirty dancers and performers from the Ukrain national Opera ballet will aim to imbue this spectacle with a magic comparable to that of the original tale and to tame your eyes as well as your heart, as “one sees clearly only with the heart”.

We will have won our wager if, after the show, you ask yourselves: “Did the sheep really eat the flower? “… And you’ll see how everything changes… When you look at the sky you will hear the stars like “five hundred million bells”: they are the Petit Prince’s bursts of lovable laughter.

The Little Prince, a fabulous fairytale ballet

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Cirque Royal - Brussels

Wednesday 27/11/19

Forum – Liège

Sunday 01/12/19

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