And the incredible epic soundtracks

In the framework of the festival “Villers Symphonique”

Game of Thrones, Lord of the Ring, The World of Narnia, Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Avatar, The Hobbit, the film music of big epic film classics is often fantastic.

It is music that speaks to the heart, that is deeply emotional and can sometimes even move people to tears.

Choir singers, soloists, musicians, 130 artists will bring these melodies to life in the dantesque setting of the Abbey of Villers-la-Ville…..a venue that through its scale only, is undoubtedly the dream location for exceptional moments of delight for the audience to experience on this evening of June 11th, at the Abbey.

Through the mix of popular tunes of nowadays series and films and older compositions in a fantastic illuminated decor and performed by 72 musicians and a choir of 60 singers, this concert will for ever be engraved in the memory.

The melodic chords of the strings against the diabolic percussion will send a thrilling wave through the audience that evening of June 11th, at the Abbey.

And without wanting to disclose to much, we can tell that some of the appearances will stir up  lot of surprises.

Epic !

Thrones, and the incredible epic soundtracks

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Abbaye - Villers-la-ville

Thursday 11/06/2020

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