Mozart, Brel, Film Music Gala, Classic Legends

Evenings unlike any others in the exceptional setting of the Villers-la-Ville Abbey!
After the success of Carmina Burana (2019), Carmen and Thrones (2021), several new exceptional concerts will be performed in June 2023 at this legendary location!

Friday 16 June at 21.00:
The Film Music Gala, from Hans Zimmer to John Williams along with Morricone, all the finest film scores!

Saturday 17 June at 21.00:
Classic Legends, all the major classical melodies interpreted like never before!

Sunday 18 June at 21.00:
An evening with…Jacques Brel, performed by Filip Jordens, supported by 50 musicians, a unique and brilliant event!

Friday 23 June at 21.00:
Mozart’s Requiem and Beethoven's 9 th symphony, two monumental works!

Saturday 24 June at 21.00:
150 chorus singers and soloists supported by a incredible 30 musicians orchestra … an exceptional interpretation of Queen greatest’s hits !

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The show takes place in the open air, all the seats are installed at ground level or grandstand. The seating is unallocated but structured into two categories – Golden and Premiere, depending on the view over the show. All seats offer an unobstructed view of the stage. In the event of very bad weather, the show may be postponed: our Facebook page will provide all the necessary information where applicable.

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21 & 23/06/23

Classic Legends

17 & 18/06 2023

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